Iowa Flood Center tools to prepare for flooding

As communities in northwest Iowa experience record flooding and others prepare for cresting river levels in the coming days, the Iowa Flood Center (IFC) has tools available to help understand and reduce flood risks. Learn about key resources available through the Iowa Flood Information System. 

Serving Iowans

The Iowa Flood Center (IFC) puts science-based information and technology in the hands of Iowa's decision-makers, emergency responders, community leaders, home and business owners, educators, and the public. IFC researchers, staff, and students strive to develop the most innovative tools and reliable information to improve Iowa's flood preparedness and resiliency. 

stream sensor in action

Flood Monitoring

Nearly 300 stream-stage sensors designed, built, and deployed by IFC measure river levels every 15 minutes, improving flood monitoring and forecasting. Hydrologic weather stations improve flood- and drought- prediction capabilities.

flood inundation maps for Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Flood Mapping

High-resolution statewide flood maps for every Iowa stream, along with scenario-based flood inundation maps, keep individuals and communities safe and informed—protecting lives, property, and critical infrastructure. 

farm pond

Flood Mitigation

IFC staff and researchers provide leadership and technical expertise that supports collaborations with local, state, and federal partners to develop and implement watershed-based strategies to mitigate flood damage and increase resilience. 

watershed model demonstration

Education and Outreach

The IFC participates in dozens of outreach activities each year and is dedicated to ensuring its resources are easily accessible and tailored for diverse audiences. IFC support for undergrad and grad students is developing Iowa's future workforce. 

Iowa Flood Information System

IFIS is a free, Google Maps-based web platform that communicates real-time information about stream levels, flood alerts and forecasts, and hydrologic conditions for the entire state of Iowa.

Sam Hermite

"Iowa really knows...They've modeled and mapped the state, they have great data and visualization tools, and they have really effective outreach and communication. To really have a complete flood approach, you have to do all of those things."

Assistant Deputy Executive Administrator of Water Science & Conservation for the Texas Water Development Board

News & Features

Flood Inundation Map in New Hartford

Iowa Flood Center releases new community flood maps for New Hartford

Monday, July 22, 2024
The Iowa Flood Center (IFC) has developed new flood inundation maps for New Hartford, Iowa. These maps are non-regulatory and are a resource to help residents understand and monitor flood risks at the individual property level and throughout the community.
Witold Krajewski

Founding director of Iowa Flood Center retires after 15 years

Monday, July 15, 2024
Witold Krajewski retires as director of the Iowa Flood Center after 15 years of leading its success and helping Iowans become more flood-resilient.


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Iowa Water Conference

Tuesday, September 10 to Wednesday, September 11, 2024 (all day)
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