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Iowa Flood Center research depends on talented students who collaborate with staff and faculty researchers. University of Iowa students, from undergraduates to PhD candidates, are involved in IFC research initiatives, gaining hands-on training and experience to prepare them to solve complex flood-related problems in Iowa and throughout the world.

Recruiting and training dedicated students is key to the IFC’s success. Student research, contributes to ongoing research at the center and also prepares students for real-world careers. Learn more about graduate education at IIHR—Hydroscience and Engineering and the Iowa Flood Center. 

Graduate Education
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The IFC's core mission includes widely sharing information about the center’s resources and tools. Annual outreach efforts include participation at dozens of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) festivals, K-12 classroom visits, career exploration events and job shadows, tours of laboratory facilities, webinars, public meetings, conference exhibits and presentations,  and frequently engaging with partners to provide demonstrations and exchange program updates. 

Center students, staff, and researchers travel to all corners of the state to talk to Iowans about floods and flood preparedness. To invite the IFC to an event in your community, please contact us! 

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