Iowa Flood Information System

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The Iowa Flood Information System (IFIS) is a one-stop web platform to access community-based flood alerts and forecasts, flood maps, weather conditions, and other flood-related information and visualizations. 

IFIS Key Resources

steam sensor in Elgin

Stream Sensor Network

River levels updated every 15 minutes

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flood alerts 2020

Flood Alerts

Flood alerts and forecasts enhance flood preparedness

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Charles City flood maps

Flood Inundation Maps

Community-based flood maps show the extent and depth of predicted floodwaters

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flood potential with rainfall scenario

River Communities

Real-time flood information for more than 1,000 Iowa communities

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Additional Resources

IFIS Terms of Use 


Award Winning!

The Iowa Flood Information System is nationally recognized for its innovative approach to communicating flood risks and reducing flood impacts. 

The IFIS structure allows other state and regional institutions to easily develop similar systems for transferring knowledge and disseminating flood-related data and information to the public. This publication provides an overview of the design and capabilities of the IFIS developed as a platform to provide one-stop access to flood-related information. 

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